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Friday Flash – “Autumn Return”

Welcome to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction

– photo inspiration provided by Madison Woods (thanks!)

Autumn Return

The boy and girl linked arms around the massive trunk of the oak. A bronzed September day filtered through the leaves and cast sighing shadow patterns on their arms, stretched to their limit.

“I see Mama’s initials carved, right by Dad’s,” said the boy.

The girl leaned her head back until she spied the scarred bark.  “Do you think they remember being here?”  She resisted the urge to let go of the boy’s hand to trace the “A” and “M”.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said.  “We’re here for them now, and we will remember.”

They pressed their arms harder against the familiar wood, rivulets reddening the tender forearms.  They hugged the tree, and so each other.

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In other news, this week was full of highs and lows, sun and shadows.  I think the Fall Equinox may have played a part in that, but I’m grateful that I was able to get a lot of work done, and spend some perfect moments with the family.

We put the good-weather days to best use by biking on the local trails, and trying some more geocaching.  Rainy days caught me up on writing, schooling, and backlogged mystery show recordings. (Midsomer Murders, how I love thee…)

Super-exciting was my curriculum review of Math-U-See being accepted and posted on Homeschool.org – with its own page, no less!

I want to share some of the genius I stumbled over this week, so here we go…

Worth the Click

a mash-up of the week’s noteworthy sites

Blackberry Lane Farms -The absolute cutest collection of Persian kittens anywhere!  (I should know – they’re my mom’s)

The Bookaholic – a fun and informative blog with great book info and commentary.

Eileen Granfors – the Word Nerd pieces are great!

The Homeschool Truth – a humorous and well-written article from a homeschooling expert – a freshman!

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    • Thanks Madison! That is a pretty amazing tree you have to call your own! We have a lot of red maples here, but they don’t get as large as the white oaks. Still lovin’ Friday Flash – thanks!

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