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Six-Word Memoirs

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Not Quite What I Was Planning - Six-Word Memoirs by Famous & Obscure Writers

You never know what chance meeting will ignite a new passion.  Take my recent encounter at a writer’s workshop.  I met Beth Carter, a published six-word memoirist, and purchased a book on the subject from SMITH Magazine.

Hmmm…sum up your life in just six words.  That sounds impossible, but is a surprising brain game and exercise in putting life in perspective.  It’s like hip haiku.  Can’t fit your whole experience into 6 words?  Try a season, or an event, or a single memory, or even one fleeting emotional moment.

Here are a few from my submissions at the SMITH Magazine website, where anyone can post their 6-word memoirs in a variety of categories: Happiness, Work, Love, Family, Life, even Food.

  • Help Wanted: Intelligent Need Not Apply.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Can’t Find Strength.
  • I never heard my mother swear.
  • Half-empty? Half-full? Need a smaller glass.
  • If anyone asks, it was me.
  • Different man. Different bruises. Same stupid.
  • Stroke at 35. Who am I?
  • Last child becomes an early orphan.
  • 7 eggs, 4 chicks. Wrong again.
  • My kids are funnier than I.
  • He failed at everything but me.
  • No one was surprised except me.
  • Controversial? Only if it’s not you.
  • Born here. Homesick for anywhere else.

And how about a few just for Fall…

  • Heaven in a toasted marshmallow – Campfires.
    Leaves fall with promises to return.
    Sweaters and Swimsuits trade winter accommodations.

Try your hand at a few of these addictive brain benders, then share below in the comment box. What’s your memoir?

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