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Looking Back on August

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the month of August.  It the end of summer…the close of so many happy adventures with the family.  But it’s also the hottest month of the year, which makes outdoor adventures a misery.  August always feels like a loose end to me, since many kids are preparing for another school year – but aren’t there yet, gardens are dwindling – but aren’t dead yet, and my wish list for the season has less on it – but isn’t finished yet.

One thing that did get finished was the back deck.  (Hooray!)  It’s been my refuge ever since, although for a few weeks the mid-day hours are just too humid to really enjoy it.

August is also a month of milestones.  My parents have a wedding anniversary, and so do my aunt and uncle, and my husband and me.  This year we continued our family tradition of celebrating our wedding anniversary as a family, with gifts for the children and a day of fun and games.  August 6 saw an appearance by “Wink Blinky” and “Luscious Finwiddie”, as hosts of the Family Biz Quiz Show.

"Wink Blinky" and "Luscious Finwiddie" quiz the kids on their family knowledge

Later in the month we celebrated the dual anniversaries of my parents and aunt and uncle with a japanese hibachi-style meal prepared by my husband (a gourmet chef at heart).  Reconnecting with family around the dinner table is one of my favorite things…

David cooking his famous Japanese hibachi steak, chicken, and shrimp

August was also a month for reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and stretching my intellectual horizons.  The meetings at the Ozarks Writers League and Springfield Writers Guild were very informative.  We learned all about social networking, thinking outside the box, and snagging that elusive editor/agent.  The Ozarks Writers Conference in Hollister, Missouri was outstanding, and a rare treat for getting away from the humdrum of every day life.

I enjoyed teaching some knitting classes at the local yarn store, and finished up a few projects at home.  The black alpaca is still sitting on my spinning wheel, but it’s calling to me…. it whispers, ‘September’.

All in all, a good month was spent with friends, family, food, and favorite hobbies.  How did YOU spend the last of your summer days?

3 thoughts on “Looking Back on August

  1. Your August sounds perfectly wonderful, Karen. I like what you said about August being a “loose end,” but it sounds like you know how to fill it with very special memories.

    But I can’t believe you were at OWL, and I didn’t meet you in the “real world.” Next time!

  2. I enjoyed reading about how you live your August days. This past August was more hectic than usual and I didn’t get to attend the OWL meeting. It still feels like I’m just treading water but hopefully soon things will slow down at least a little.

    Love your back porch/deck!

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