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Friday’s Flash Fiction – “Lost and Found”

I am so inspired by Madison Woods‘ regular posting of Flash Fiction on Fridays, that I am finally jumping in to play along.  Following is the photo inspiration she provided, and my 100-word piece “Lost and Found“…

The moss reached up to meet her fingers, springy, dry, tickled to be noticed by a passerby.  She brushed it kindly, then reached beyond to the dark and coolly breathing crevice.  It was resting in the shadow of the sapling they had planted together.  So many springs ago, but only recent in her heart. A promise of their tomorrows together, like the buds of the little tree.  Her hand closed on the locket, still gleaming gold between the tarnished patches.  She clasped it round her neck and felt the warmth of her heart rise up to meet its chill.

22 thoughts on “Friday’s Flash Fiction – “Lost and Found”

  1. I like the feeling this story gave me, almost nostalgic, but hard to describe. Loved it! Thanks for hopping in on FridayFlash 🙂

    • Thanks Jan! I have to give you credit for starting me off. That photo you used of the morgue to write a flash piece – it really got me thinking in a whole new direction for inspiration.

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