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Recharging Your (Creative) Batteries

Modern-day men, women, and even children all do the same thing when they arrive home.  They plug in.  Their cell phones, mp3 players, pagers, controllers, iPads, and anything else cordless we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t leave home without, has to be recharged.

But how do we recharge ourselves?  We can’t run the workaday rat race for long without taking a time out and refilling our store of energy.  Some use meditation, others exercise, and many like to return to a calm (and electronic-free) zone to relax.

My current favorite location is the back deck of our home.  There’s no TV, no phone (unless I bring it there), and its atmosphere invites you to slow down and enjoy the view.  I can practically feel my blood pressure lower when I step through the patio door.

We have a lovely view of the pond – water is always a relaxant.  And the screen panels keep out the bugs, while letting in the summer breeze.  Just a few minutes here can have me thinking fresh, positive thoughts and gaining confidence that I can face the world again.

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

2 thoughts on “Recharging Your (Creative) Batteries

  1. Taking walks and listening to music inspire me a lot. Having my 15 yr old sister around has been helpful too… her youth is a good stimulant and antidepressent for the crabby old person inside me. OH, and of course.. being friends with YOU has been very up building as well.

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