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Nelson’s Nursery & Maternity Ward

March 15, 2010 brings more miracles to our spring! This morning David discovered Smokey in the basement with 4 kittens…and more on the way. One was literally frozen stiff on the cold concrete. He rushed it upstairs to the chick’s heat lamp while I moved the mother and kits to the guest bathroom. A few anxious minutes later we had 6 healthy kittens – even little chilly-willy! He started moving again as soon as he got warm, and we placed him back with his mother. Whew! Talk about good timing! This was one day I was glad there wasn’t any work and David was poking around outside for lumber!

The best mother cat in the world… with her babies only 3 hours old.

Already their tummies are full of milk, their fur is dry, and they have a nice healthy squeak! We have 4 yellow tabbies, and 2 black/grey/white striped ones. One even has its mother’s characteristic gold spot – right on the top of its head!

All’s well that ends well … especially if it ends in lunch!


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