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Farmville Addiction

I know, I know. I sneered and scoffed and threatened to end my FaceBook account if I ever saw another blip about Farmville. But then Kendra wanted to play. I let her use my I.D. and away she went, happily plowing and sowing and reaping and collecting animals. I didn’t pay much attention other than to make sure it was all safe, until one day she ran into a glitch. In my efforts to help, I got hooked myself! Of course, she wouldn’t give up her farm on my account, so I had to confiscate David’s I.D. and start my own farm there! Now I’m figuring my maximum return on soybeans, estimating the time until it’s time to harvest the latest crop, and praying for someone to send me a cow! It’s especially ridiculous since I almost never play games that don’t come in a box with dice and pawns and a board. The upside is that we’re all learning how to choose the most profitable investment, having some fun with layouts and measurement, and of course, looking for a golden chicken!


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