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My sister website, Classroom Corner, is now up and running, with loads of lesson plans, ideas, FREE downloads and printables, and links to great educational sites on the web!  Stop by and choose your Topic of Interest.  Don’t forget to subscribe for instant notifications of new material!

Theocratic Teaching Materials

These FREE downloads are available to assist parents and teachers with students attending congregation meetings.  You may photocopy these for your own personal use, but may not redistribute or repost them in their entirety.  You MAY link to this page for others to enjoy!

Public Talk Notetaking WorksheetA guide for emerging readers and writers to take notes during an audio talk.  Involves word recognition, comprehension of main ideas, and beginning outline skills.

Theocratic Ministry School Notetaking WorksheetA guide to help early note-taking skills, word recognition, comprehension of main ideas, identification of key words/concepts, and appreciation for public speaking abilities.

Bible Writers WorksheetA 2-page activity template for research and appreciation of individual Bible book writers.  Compile facts about the writer’s life, accomplishments, and contemporaries!

Animals of the Bible

A fill-in-the-blank and matching activity highlighting animals mentioned in the scriptures.


Birds of the Bible

Unscramble these bird names to find the secret word.


Plants of the Bible

A 2-page activity matching scripture verses with pictures of plants and flowers.  Cut apart the cards to make a mini-book!

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