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A Reason 2 Rhyme Poetry Ring

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Welcome to the circle!  A Reason 2 Rhyme is an online group that shares their words (rhyming or not) in poetry form each week.  Here’s how you can join in:

  • Monday Poetry Prompt – check this site for the week’s inspiration
  • Share your poem in the comment section, or link to the site where you have it posted
  • Visit other circle members and comment, like, or share their post

That’s it!  Haiku, Cinquain, Sonnet, Villanelle, Blank Verse, Free Form, Limerick… it’s all welcome!

How can I spread the word?

Share the Circle on your blog, email, FaceBook page, Twitter account, or other social media sites.

Reason 2 Rhyme information is as follows:

Website Address: http://kbnelson.wordpress.com

FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Reason2Rhyme

Twitter: @Reason2Rhyme



What kind of poem can I submit?

Any poetry form is accepted, although obscene and/or erotic poetry will not be posted on this site.  If you have adult content on your site, please notify viewers before they visit that yours is not a G-rated site.

Is there an age limit to participate?  Do I have to be a published poet or writer?

No – any age is welcome, and all levels of ability are respected and invited to flex their writing muscles.

Do I win anything if my poem is featured?

Besides the admiration of your family, friends and colleaguesNo – this writing practice is purely for the entertainment and exercise of the participants, and no prizes, payments, or compensation is offered or implied.

Can I publish my poems later, if I have posted them here?

Of course!  Your work remains your work.  You may want to check with your prospective publisher to see if they consider a blog post to be in conflict with their publishing.  Your work can always be removed by request to accommodate your success.

Can I use the writing prompts for other projects?

Writing prompts are intended for inspiration to the writer, and do not have copyright restrictions.  Photo prompts, while also for inspirational purposes, remain the property of the original photographer, and permission to use the photo in any other format should be requested from the photographer/copyright owner.

48 thoughts on “A Reason 2 Rhyme

  1. I tried forever to leave the below comment on your flash fiction – Humble Pie. Something just wasn’t clicking for me…

    I am not a writer Karen. I just kinda put words together as they pop into my head. But I do love short stories. I’ve commented at times on being a lazy writer, and reader too. I want to get the gist and move on. I guess they’re many out there like me, especially in today’s technology driven frenzy. I can imagine that collections of flash fiction would sell easily. Your questions pose good food for my thoughts. I’ll be looking back at my writing to see what my style is. And if there is a forming collection somewhere.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing. Lovely story BTW :)

  2. http://beebeesworld.wordpress.com/
    Below is my entry into the prompt, “This Day in History”

    Remembrance of that Day in Infamy

    That morning was like any other
    sleepless, hot, inside the ships’ quarters.
    A. buzz sounds overhead
    as he begins his days duties
    Sirens sound, voices cry out.
    He scrambles to deck, choking on smoke.
    Without thinking, he finds himself in water,
    pulling an injured mate beside him.
    For fifty years the nightmare comes.
    The orange ball of fighter planes.
    The screams of agony everywhere.
    Deafening explosions, fire, confusion.
    He gasps, heart racing,
    awakened by the dream.
    Today, he walks upon that beach,
    tranquil, solemn, deep in thought.
    On this day, he will end the nightmare,
    bury the anger, shed a last tear.
    He touches the name of his fallen friend,
    etched in stone, the memory
    frozen in his mind forever.
    Once young, strong, invincible,
    his body now shows the scars of time.
    He looks up as the flag whips in the wind,
    stands at attention, straight and tall again.
    He turns and salutes, wipes that last tear,
    And walks slowly to the woman
    who waited then and is waiting still.


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